Hi! I’m Allison,

For years friends and acquaintances frequently asked me “Do you even work? It’s like you’re always on vacation?!” These people saw photos of all of my regular travels on social platforms, yet had no idea I was averaging 50+ hour work weeks working as a full-time accountant.

That’s when I decided to start blogging.

I learned to travel smarter, not harder, which allowed me to fit so much in.

I planned ahead and curated a world where epic adventures aren’t confined to a person’s already-limited vacation days.

I’m constantly finding ways to overcome limitation, and I’ve been pretty successful!

This isn’t to say I’ve been without struggle. Life threw me what felt like an endless stream of curveballs over the last few years. You can read about some of them here. And to top that off I was laid off in 2020 due to COVID-19. But after the tears dried, I went on a couple of solo road trip for a few months!

The top 3 reasons people don’t travel are time, money, and societal expectations, and it’s time to change that. I created Forever on Vacay as a resource for all things travel – destination guides, gear recommendations, tips and more. Beyond that, I hope that hearing my story serves as encouragement to those who want to travel but feel powerless.

Let’s live on vacation!